"We had a big day yesterday for our daughter and Joe and I both acknowledge your program for the credit.  She had to go house to house and collect food for the poor for her First Communion service project.  I thought for sure she was going to be our shy girl and not say anything. Nope. She rang the bell, clearly told people why she was there, and asked for the order.  In fact, she was mad that I sent an email since people knew she was coming, so we had to go to strangers' houses so she could do it the right way. That confidence was not there a year ago. We do think she got that from the Laughing Academy. THANK YOU." - Shannon's Proud Parents 

"It was great having the kids from the Laughing Academy perform the opening act at Youth Services Stand up for Youth Fundraiser. They were so cute, confident and funny. Their performance really set the tone for the rest of the evening and helped make our event a success."  - Karen Paszkiewicz, Special Events Coordinator, Youth Services Glenview

"Our bookclub had a blast at our ladies improv night thanks to Kim. She made us all feel comfortable and with her direction, we were able to let loose. I don't know when I've laughed so much. It was a perfect night of fun. We can't wait to do it again with couples!"  - Katie Lynch

"Kim Treger is so wonderful with the kids. She entertains them but also commands respect.  The kids really listen, but love her.  I really believe this class will help my 8 year old's self-confidence and get her out of her shell.  Keep in mind she is very anti-activity and never wants to sign up for anything. That all changed today. She absolutely loved it, and enthusiastically told me she wants to go every week. I would highly recommend these classes!"  - Jackie Pilossoph, Freelance Writer

"Thank you for making Cassidy's party such a success. You really helped the girls create a shared imagination in their performances which is such an important part of human connection. The girls had truly a magical time which I credit to your flexibility and expertise."  - Rachel Rescorl

"My son thoroughly enjoyed his experience in the improv class. He was able to portray his creative side in the company of friendly peers who enjoyed each other's humor. I was impressed to see how Kim encouraged social-pragmatic skills as well as reinforced language processing and formulation skills in a fun-filled setting that was also confidence-building. The session ended in the production of a show that was engaging, fun, and rewarding for each child. I am very happy that my child was a part of such a wonderful class!" - Michelle Lee

"I was a little self conscious at first but Kim's warm-ups got me loosened up and ready to play. I like how she directed the activity while still bringing out our silly and creative sides. And the human orchestra game was positively cathartic for me. What an entertaining night!" - Pamela Smith

"The Laughing Academy has done wonders for my shy daughter. It has provided her a safe and fun environment to practice performing for an audience. She is now comfortable speaking in front of people and performing on stage. I have Kim and her amazing staff to thank for this!"  - Vittoria Logli