WANT TO MAKE YOUR NEXT PARTY UNFORGETTABLE? Or have your child star in their own improv show with all their favorite friends? We can bring the (age-appropriate) funny right to your front door! In addition to kids classes The Laughing Academy also offers customized private sessions to liven up your next family reunion, birthday, book club, bachelor/ette party, corporate event, team-building retreat, bar or bat mitzvah, backyard barbecue, or ANYplace where you, your friends, and your family could use a good laugh! Call or drop us a line about your upcoming event, and let The Laughing Academy help you put a smile on everyone's face!

CONTACT US TODAY           for details about how you and your child can get in on all the fun at The Laughing Academy!

PROFESSOR HOO'S - ON - FIRST (as well as all of our non-Strigidae staffersis happily waiting to welcome YOU to the ranks of our illustrious alumnus!

"BE a fool!...

Stay in (OUR) school!"



''No one looks stupid

when they’re having fun.''

- Amy Poehler

but improv games aren't just for budding stars - the tools they teach translate into every walk of life, making both kid and adult improvisers stronger communicators, better team players, and more confident. Plus, improv games are a blast to play!

The best part of all is that each improv can only happen ONCE.  Spontaneity is the heart of what we do, and something extraordinary happens when a group of people create a unique moment of laughter together.

Whether you're 15 or 50,  The Laughing Academy's mission is to help you create extraordinary moments - in our classes,   and for the rest of your life!

THE LAUGHING ACADEMY IS FOR THE KID IN EVERYONE!  Whether you're a youngster or a "grownup," Laughing Academy's improvisation - based games help to  build self confidence, foster creativity,  develop  communication and listening skills, teach teamwork, and put a smile on everyone's face!  

"Improv" is a performing art in which all the elements of a song, skit, or story are made up on the spot by the performers. Improv techniques can be used to develop a scene that will later be rehearsed and performed, or the improv itself may be the final product -- the only rule with improv is that there are no rules!

To develop our students' improvisation abilities, The Laughing Academy staff leads  each group through a series of fun  theater games,